11 Oct

Remedy Juice for High and Low Blood Pressure

FREE JUICE RECIPE for those suffering with High and Low Blood Pressure!


The result of impurities in the blood vessels. The only way impurities can get into the blood stream is ;
(1) by hypodermic injections and drugs, whether taken as medicine or otherwise;
(2) by deposits in the blood stream of inorganic atoms accumulating from cooked and processed foods, particularly the concentrated starches and sugars; and
(3) by retention of waste in the eliminative organs and channels.

The recurrence of high blood pressure within families is not due to heredity, as erroneously supposed by some, unless we consider the degenerated condition of the mother’s blood stream (due to eating inorganic foods) as her hereditary gift to her child. The only hereditary trait is the kind and quality of the food the family as a whole habitually indulges in; if this contains an excessive proportion of cooked foods and concentrated carbohydrates, it is only natural that a nutritional deficiency should manifest in most, if not in all its members.

Primarily due to nutritional deficiency as a result of eating all or mostly cooked and processed foods, and in any case as a rule because of the absence from the diet of fresh raw vegetable juices which can be quickly and efficiently used in the regeneration of the blood corpuscles. One very serious contributing cause is the lack of proper and sufficient rest. Each hour’s sleep before 10:00 p.m. is worth more than two hours’ sleep in the morning. Smoking and alcoholic drinks are paramount reasons for high and low blood pressures.


200g Beetroot
300g Carrot
300g Cucumber
250g Romaine Lettuce
500g Pineapple
40g Lemon (Seeded)

YIELD: 1 Liter

Consume at least 1 liter / day for maintenance until body condition improves. Please refrain from eating or consuming processed foods and red meats for 1 week.  Eat more vegetables and exercise at least 30 mins / day. Eat healthy and always wear a smile in your face. Be Healthy. Be Happy!

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